What is Sidebar? How is it different?

Sidebar is used to hold informal gatherings on video chat (like receptions, parties, and networking events) or formal events (like panels, seminars, and presentations) that have an informal component. Sidebar lets you move from room to room, join conversations around you, and talk to the people who interest you. You're not stuck in one place, so break into groups and connect over real conversations!

The Sidebar culture

Sidebar enables interaction in an unstructured way and we encourage users to embrace the Sidebar culture: 1) be inclusive and kind; 2) accept chaos (people will join and leave conversations) 3) Move around as you please. If you want to check out a new conversation, do it!

The 5 big things you can do at an event:

1. 🏃🏾‍♀️ Join a room

Click the join button to join any unlocked room and join the conversation.

2. 🎬 Create a new room

Click the [+ Room] button at the bottom of the sidebar to create a new room. You can name it whatever you like.

3. 👋🏼 Invite someone to join your room

Click anyone's name (either directly on their video, or the blue name tabs on the Sidebar). Clicking "Join me!" invites that person to your room. If they accept, they will enter your current room.

4. 🕵️‍♀️ Invite someone to private room

Click anyone's name (either directly on their video, or the blue name tabs on the Sidebar). Clicking "Private room" invites that person to chat in a new locked room. Although the room is locked, you can still invite anyone you like to your room (see above). The person who created the private room can also toggle it to unlocked.

4. 🎳 Break into a cluster

A cluster lets you have a side conversation without having to leave the room you're in. It's like when you're at a party talking in a group, then pull someone aside for a quick chat. To start a cluster, click the arrow next to someone's name on their video (there must be at least 3 people in the room for these arrows to appear). If they accept, you'll instantly be chatting face to face, while everyone else in the room recedes to the background. Alternately, you can click the arrow next to your own name to start a cluster, then invite others to join you. You can join anyone else's cluster by pressing the blue join button.

You can also: